• The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) was established on 10 October 1991, as an important resolution of the First National Convention of Singapore Malay/Muslim Professionals which was held on 6 and 7 October 1990. The Convention was attended by 500 Malay/Muslim professionals who met to brainstorm new directions for the community. AMP was formed with core programmes in education, human resource development, social development and research.

    AMP is a registered charitable organisation and is accorded the status of an Institution of Public Character.

    AMP is guided by its core principles of being independent, non-partisan and working in critical collaboration with all parties that share its mission to bring about a Dynamic Muslim Community in the 21st Century. AMP will partner with any player who identifies with and supports its mission in society and will support government policies which serve to advance the community and the interest of the people at large.


    Aspiration for the Community

    A dynamic Muslim community


    A model organisation in community leadership


    To be a thought leader, problem solver and mobiliser for the advancement of the community

    Core Values

    We are committed to serve the community with passion. We take pride in our role in society.

    We place community interest before self and maintain high moral values and discipline.

    We aim for excellence in our work and add value to what we do.

    We champion creativity and dare to explore new ideas to overcome challenges.

    We work as a team, believe in shared responsibility and value partnerships with others.

  • AMP is headed by its Board of Directors, which charts AMP’s strategic direction towards achieving its mission and vision. Our board members are from various backgrounds and provide varying perspectives on issues facing the Malay/Muslim community.

    Mr Abdul Hamid Abdullah

    Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

    Dr Bibi Jan Mohd Ayyub, BBM

    Mr Hazni Aris Hazam Aris

    Dr Hishamuddin Badaruddin

    Dr Md Badrun Nafis Saion

    Mr Mohamad Azmi Muslimin

    Mr Muhamad Nazzim Muhamad Hussain

    Mr Othman Marican

    Ms Zarina Yusof


  • The AMP Management Team ensures the effective and efficient operations of AMP in providing relevant and up-to-date programmes and services to its clients and beneficiaries. The team is headed by the Executive Director.

    Mr Mohd Anuar Yusop, PBM Executive Director
    Ms Hameet Khanee J H Senior Manager
    Ms Fauziah Rahman Manager, Training & Education and Youth
    Ms Farahyn Banu Mohd Hasrat Assistant Manager, Community Engagement
    Ms Illy Tahirah Mohd Rashid Assistant Manager, Family Services
    Ms Maisarah Dasukie Manager, Human Resource
    Mr Mohd Alfian Mohd Ismail Assistant Manager, Young AMP
    Mr Mohd Khalid Bohari Manager, Management of Information System
    Mr Saiful Nizam Jemain Manager, Debt Advisory Centre
    Mr Sarjono Salleh Khan Manager, Facilities Management
    Mr Shahjehan Ibrahim Kutty Manager, Finance & Administration
    Ms Winda Guntor Manager, Corporate Communications
    Ms Zaleha Ahmad Centre Director, Marriage Hub
  • Audit & Corporate Governance Committee

    The Audit & Corporate Governance Committee oversees compliance with statutory governance requirements and ensures adherence to established internal controls to protect the assets of the company and promote transparency.
    Chairman: Mr Fairuz Adam
    Members: Mr Fadhillah Goh, Ms Karen Chia


    Finance & Investment Committee

    The Finance & Investment Committee ensures all activities by the organisation are conducted within the operational budget and explores investment opportunities to enhance the financial stability of the organisation.
    Chairman: Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim
    Members: Mr Mohamad Azmi Muslimin, Mr Nazzi Beck, Ms Siti Hawa Sulaiman


    Human Resource Committee

    The Human Resource Committee develops and reviews the compensation and benefits structure and terms for the employees of the organisation. It also reviews their training needs annually to facilitate competency and capacity building.
    Chairman: Mr Othman Marican
    Members: Dr Md Badrun Nafis Saion, Mr Mohamed Shahar Hussein, Dr Noraslinda Zuber


    Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee proposes candidates for election to the Board of Directors and recommends Additional Directors to the Board as and when necessary for appointment by the Board.
    Chairman: Mr Abdul Hamid Abdullah
    Members: Mr Mohd Alami Musa, Mr Muhamad Nazzim Muhamad Hussain


    Strategy Committee

    The Strategy Committee provides recommendations on effective implementation of AMP’s strategic initiatives and good governance.
    Chairman: Mr Abdul Hamid Abdullah
    Members: Mr Azmoon Ahmad, Mr Hazni Aris, Mr Mohd Anuar Yusop, Mr Muhd Shamir Abdul Rahim, Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

  • AMP has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: a full-fledged research centre, Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA) and a provider of child and youth education, MERCU Learning Point.


    Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA)

    Since its inception, the Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA) has developed a range of programmes in research and established several platforms for the meeting of minds. RIMA currently conducts research in a number of key areas, which includes economics, education, religion, family, social integration, leadership and civil society. With time, RIMA expects to expand the scope of its research activities beyond local issues and looks forward to collaborating with partners in the regional and larger international community.

    RIMA has contributed to scholarly discourses on numerous issues relevant to the community. Conferences and seminars are organised to add vibrancy to these discourses and to create awareness of these issues. Roundtable and focus group discussions involving key stakeholders are also organised to foster greater understanding of issues and to keep abreast of emerging trends. Additionally, RIMA produces publications and contributes articles in both print and online media regularly.

    For more information on RIMA, visit www.rima.sg.


    MERCU Learning Point

    Set up in 1999, MERCU now has 18 centres comprising one kindergarten, five childcare centres and twelve student care centres.

    MERCU prides in establishing a collaborative environment with parents and schools as it believes they are important catalysts in the children’s development. With the tagline, Starting Young, Aiming High, its programmes are robustly designed with the aim to maximise children’s capabilities and propelling them to greater heights.

    For more information on MERCU, visit www.merculearning.com.

  • Financial Highlights

    The donations that stream in during the year reflect the community’s confidence in our programmes and services. To assure the community of AMP’s commitment towards corporate governance and transparency, AMP developed a reserve policy in 2010 to build up and maintain a reserve of between one and five years of its annual operating expenditure. This reserve is reviewed by the Finance Committee at least once a year. This reserve will also act as a buffer in the event of tough times to ensure the continuity of AMP’s services to its clients and beneficiaries.

    Please click here to view AMP’s financial performance over the last five years.


    Compliance with Code of Governance

    AMP, as a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character, is required to comply with the Charity Council’s Code of Governance. As part of the process of transparency and good governance, AMP does a self evaluation on the compliance of the Code online through the Charity Portal at www.charities.gov.sg.

    You can view the evaluation done on AMP’s compliance with the Code of Governance here.