AMP Expands its Community in Review Platform to Update Community on Convention Strategies

23 August 2012

  1. The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) has decided to pursue the objectives of its proposed Community Forum (ComFor) through the current framework of its Community in Review (CIR). ComFor was proposed at the 3rd National Convention of Singapore Muslim Professionals held by AMP on 30 June 2012 to track the progress of the implementation of the Convention strategies, as well as a platform to discuss issues of concern to the Malay/Muslim community.
  2. This decision came in light of the arguments that AMP has noted and considered that were both for and against ComFor. There were views from the community supporting ComFor as an independent platform and the need for the Community Leaders’ Forum (CLF) to be more inclusive in its leadership structure, but at the same time, there were concerns that ComFor might be perceived as a platform to rival CLF and could potentially divide the community. AMP has since addressed these misperceptions.
  3. After rigorous discussions with community stakeholders and political leaders, with the community’s interest in mind, AMP feels that on balance, fulfilling the objectives of ComFor through the CIR platform is the appropriate approach, for the broader benefit of the community.
  4. AMP remains firmly of the view that underlying principles of ComFor, that is, to be an independent platform which values a bottoms-up approach in discussing community issues, and as a vehicle to track the progress of the Convention, remain relevant for the community.
  5. The new approach will see CIR continue being held annually, but expanded in scope from its current structure to achieve the above objectives. CIR, in its new form, could also involve perception surveys and research studies. The CIR will also be supported by AMP’s Programme Office, which has been formed and will proactively manage the implementation of Convention strategies.
  6. AMP believes that CIR, in its expanded form, will help complement the Convention process in catalysing change, as we aspire to be a community of excellence.

Issued by: Board of Directors, AMP