AMP’s Response to Arrest of 27 Individuals Under ISA and the Threat of Islamophobia

21 January 2016

  1. The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)deeply regrets the acts of 27 Bangladeshi nationals who have been arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in November and December last year. We commend the authorities for swiftly taking action against them.
  2. Their radical views are not representative of the views of the majority of Muslims in Singapore and abroad. We stand together united as one Singaporean community in rejecting such views. Extremist ideologies have no place in multi-racial and multi-religious Singapore. Those who have such ideologies and wish to assert them on others should be dealt with strongly.
  3. However, we would like to urge Singaporeans to not have a negative perception of foreign workers who have long contributed to our economy, and in some mosques, volunteering as well to the development of our community.
  4. The announcement of the arrests came on the heels of the speech by Minister K Shanmugam on 19 January 2016 on serious security and social concerns that Singaporeans need to be aware of as a nation. This includes the threat of Islamophobia where there has been an increasing number of reports of intolerance towards Muslims by non-Muslims.
  5. Islamophobia is a serious matter and as one united Singaporean community, we cannot and should not tolerate any form of social phobia amongst us, whether founded on ethnic, religious or cultural misperceptions. As such, we wish for all Singaporeans to band together to reject Islamophobia and any form of social phobia as it would cause irreparable tears to our social fabric.
  6. AMP will continue its efforts in partnering other Malay/Muslim and non-Malay/Muslim organisations, academic institutions and other national agencies to strengthen multi-racial and multi-religious ties in Singapore.

Issued by: AMP Board of Directors