AMP’s Response to Changes in the Malay/Muslim Community Development Fund

24 August 2013

  1. The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) welcomes the $1 million increase in government funding towards the Malay/Muslim Community Development Fund (MMCDF) in the next financial year. This will increase the funding pool for the community from $4 million to $5 million in a year.
  2. AMP is pleased that this also means that more Malay/Muslim organisations (MMOs) are now able to tap on the MMCDF. We hope it will lead to greater diversity in programmes and services offered to the community. AMP believes that it is timely that the scope of projects funded by the MMCDF be extended beyond the current four areas of education, youth development, family development and employability to include other key areas such as research on community issues, as well as capacity building for MMOs to strengthen their organisational governance.
  3. In drawing up the details on how the funds will be used, AMP hopes that the government will engage MMOs to gather our input.
  4. While this announcement also comes with a 20% reduction in funding for AMP and Yayasan MENDAKI, AMP notes the government’s recognition that we are an established organisation with impactful programmes. AMP has been able to identify the emerging needs of our community. For instance, our newly established Debt Advisory Centre has been received positively by the community and has helped 80 individuals in need thus far.
  5. We will need to assess the impact of the decrease in funds on AMP’s programmes and services, and review and prioritise. We will also step up our fundraising efforts to meet the needs of our programmes and the community.
  6. This move will not deter our commitment to our raison d’etre. We will continue to build on our strengths to serve the community with determination and integrity.

Issued by: AMP Board of Directors