Young AMP Appoints New President And Renews Commitment Towards Collaborative Approach

23 January 2014

  1. The Young AMP Board of Management (BOM) now has a new leader at its helm, with the  appointment  of  Mr  Muhd  Shamir  Abdul  Rahim,  following  the  retirement  of  Mr Saktiandi Supaat, who has served  the maximum three years as  President  of Young AMP. The complete list of the Young AMP BOM members is found in the Annex (see below).
  2. The  Young  AMP  Constitution  was  amended  in  2013  under  the  outgoing  BOM  and introduced a maximum three-year term for each President to ensure that there will be a defined renewal  process  and  to  ensure  sustained  leadership  opportunities  within  Young AMP. This  is expected to  allow Young AMP to meet the changing needs of the dynamic and young Malay/Muslim community.
  3. Mr Saktiandi says, “I was involved in Young AMP for ten years, three of which as the second President of Young AMP. It has been a wonderful and humbling experience and I have learned a lot from  my interactions with fellow volunteers and staff in our effort to uplift  the  community.  During  my  term  as  President,  Young  AMP  has  undertaken  a collaborative ethos  in  most of  our activities. Young  AMP also focused on  enhancing  its internal  processes,  widening  its  membership  base  as  well  as  building  our  industry  and professional networks. Although my term has ended, I will continue to contribute to the community and volunteer in both AMP and Young AMP in various capacities.”
  4. Moving forward,  the Young AMP  BOM  will  continue this  collaborative approach in its  programmes and activities. Mr Muhd Shamir says, “The key group that we will partner are young  Malay/Muslim  professionals  whom  we  hope  to  engage  to  play  an  active  role  in advancing  our  community. To this end, Young AMP will explore the creation of loose, ‘cloud’  groups  such  as  interest-groups,  industry  fellowships  and  sub-committees  to encourage more young professionals to engage in meaningful roles that they identify with.  Such  a  structure  will  cater  to  busier  professionals who  can  still  give  valuable  inputs  as resource  persons.  Young  AMP  will  also  continue  collaborating  with  other  like-minded individuals and organisations who wish to play a role in serving the community.”
  5. Young  AMP  is  exploring  a  re-launch  of  the  Muslim  Youth  Intelligentsia  Series,  which started in 2005, as there is renewed interest among Malay/Muslim youths to  revive this  critical  thinking  series.  Among  the  issues  that  will  be  discussed  would  be environmentalism, one of the focus areas of Young AMP’s activities this year, with a book  on the correlation between environmental awareness and Islam to be launched next month.



YOUNG AMP BOARD OF MANAGEMENT (as at 1 January 2014)

  1. Md Shamir Abd Rahim (President) Managing Director Sypher Labs Pte Ltd
  2. Hazni Aris (Vice-President) Sales Manager Zurich Insurance Singapore
  3. Sofiah Jamil Adjunct Research Associate Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies Nanyang Technological UniversityPhD Candidate Australia National University
  4. Ridwan Abbas Journalist Middle East Insurance Review
  5. Fauzulkabir Darke Senior Associate Manager Pte Ltd
  6. Md Syakir Hashim Undergraduate National University of Singapore
  7. Aminur Rasid Executive Madrasah Policy and Planning Unit Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)
  8. Shafiee Razali Youth Worker YouthReach