• The Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme (AFYS) is an all-encompassing scheme that takes on a family-based approach in providing assistance to underprivileged families and encouraged self-reliance within them.

    Families under AFYS are assisted through economic empowerment and socio-educational programmes. They undergo skills training in economically-viable areas to enable them to set up a home-based business as an alternative source of income. They are also enrolled into skills upgrading courses to increase their employability.

    School-going children under AFYS are enrolled into tuition classes and enrichment programmes. Parental education programmes and family life skills workshops are also conducted for parents under AFYS to equip them with the knowledge and skills to improve the quality of their family life.

    For more details on AFYS, visit www.amp-afys.sg.

    Find out how you can contribute to AFYS here.

  • AFYS assists low-income families with school-going children, who meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Monthly household income < $2,500 or per capita income (PCI) < $350
    • Have young or school-going children
    • Show the potential to be self-reliant
  • 1. Financial Assistance and Management

    • One-off partial payment or development of an instalment plan with the relevant agencies

    2. Economic Empowerment

    • Skills upgrading courses to increase employability for adult family members
    • Training to set up micro business or home-based business

    3. Socio-Educational Development

    • Tuition classes
    • Part-time religious classes
    • Transport concession
    • Payment of:
      • Examination fees
      • Childcare, kindergarten and student care fees
    • Educational workshops

    4. Others

    • Counselling services
    • Festive period assistance
    • Parenting workshops
    • Financial workshops
    • Call the AMP Helpline at 64163960 or 64163961 to make an appointment for assessment
    • Documents needed (those that apply):

      1. Identification Card(s)
      2. Birth Certificate(s)
      3. Marriage/Divorce Certificate
      4. Court order/Child custody document
      5. Employment letter
      6. Monthly pay slips (last 3 months)
      7. CPF Statement
      8. CPF Contribution & Transaction history (last 15 months)
      9. Letter of assistance from other external agencies
      10. Latest examination results of children
      11. Latest copy of household bills (SP Services, Town Council, HDB)
      12. Other documents (e.g. medical reports)