• The Micro Business Programme, which was introduced in 2005, aims to assist individuals from less privileged households trade, business and IT skills to start a home-based business as an alternative source of income for the household. Grants are also awarded to those who have a viable and sustainable home business model.

    Through AMP’s partnership with SME Centre@SMCCI, participants of the programme are able to benefit from their wide range of business advisory services such as business advisory and business diagnosis in the areas of business and IT processes throughout the different phases of the programme.

  • The Micro Business Programme is open to individuals who meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Singapore Citizen
    • Combined gross household income not exceeding $4,000 or per capita income not exceeding $800
    • 21 to 50 years old
    • Possess basic skills or experience in the chosen trade
    • Able to commit for six months in the programme
  • Programme Cycle
    • Registration
    • Orientation / Interview
    • Assessment & Selection
    • Career Coaching
    • Trade Skill Training
    • Business Skill Training
    • Capital Grant Assessment / Review
    • Mentoring & Monitoring


    Trade Skills Training Courses offered:
    • Food Business
    • Wedding Crafts & Accessories
    • Home Services
    • Sewing
    • Beauty & Wellness


    Business Skills & IT Training Courses offered:
    • Business Workshop
    • Individual Business Consultation
    • Excel for Simple Business Accounting
    • Introduction to Social Marketing
  • Applications for the AMP Micro Business Programme for this year is now closed.

    For further enquiries about the programme, contact Ms Mariam at 6416 1426 or email mariam@amp.org.sg.

  • Hajjah Roziah Adon

    Graduate of the AMP Micro Business Programme 2010

    Hajjah Roziah AdonHajjah Roziah Adon had experienced several highs and lows while running two stalls selling nasi ayam penyet and roti prata over the last thirty years. Although she has had considerable experience operating a food business, she often struggled with the financial management aspect of it. For example, she had difficulty tracking her income and expenses, and was not able to manage her costs properly. She also suffered setbacks because she failed to anticipate issues such as shortage of manpower.

    Concerned that her lack of financial management knowledge could sound the death knell for her businesses, Hajjah Roziah decided to enrol into AMP’s Micro Business Programme in 2010, where she picked up useful business and financial skills to manage her business costs in a more systematic manner. Coupled with the business advisory support she received from SME Centre@SMCCI under the programme, Hajjah Roziah also honed her business mastery skills by focusing on her culinary niche and enhancing her business strategy. Upon graduation, she was spurred on to pursue a Diploma in Baking and Pastry from At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy to widen her culinary and baking skills.

    With strong family support and her zeal to constantly improve herself and her business by exploring new endeavours, she remains unfazed by the challenges she faced along the way. When her venture into seafood and Western cuisines did not take off and resulted in severe capital loss, she shifted her focus towards setting up a restaurant specialising in authentic kampung dishes instead. Through her research on various restaurants in Malaysian states such as Johore, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Perak and also Indonesia, she finally developed her own array of dishes offered at her new restaurant, Nur Indah Restaurant, in Joo Chiat Complex.

    Today, Hajjah Roziah is also a People’s Association-licensed trainer and a food consultant under the Health Promotion Board. She has recently acquired a new central kitchen-cum-restaurant in Changi Village, slated to begin operations in November 2014. She also gives back to the community by contributing towards various mosque funds through her business and even supplying meals during their community events.