• The Youth Enrichment Programme (YEP) is specifically designed for students from the Normal Academic and Normal Technical streams to enrich their development through a positive and holistic approach.

    The programme also incorporates the Youth-in-Action (YIA) Plus Programme, an enrichment programme commissioned by the Community Leaders’ Forum (CLF).

    Students in the programme are tutored in English and Mathematics, and participate in enrichment activities aimed at their overall personal and character development. The programme hopes to prevent youths with high-level needs from leaving school prematurely and encourage them to widen their horizons.

    YEP consists of three components:

    • The Academic Coaching component provides guidance to students in two core subjects, English and Mathematics, through mentoring and tutoring
    • The Personal Development component looks into the overall personal and character development of the students
    • The Sports Engagement component aims to imbue positive values through sports

    Interested individuals who are keen to volunteer as a Mentor in this programme can register here.

  • The Youth Enrichment Programme is open to youths, who meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Aged between 11 and 17
    • At least 70% school attendance
    • Studying in Normal Academic or Normal Technical streams
    • Preferably those from less privileged households
    • Download the application form here
    • Documents needed (those that apply):
        For MOE FAS Applicants

      • Page 2 of applicant’s MOE FAS application form
      • Preferably a copy of applicant’s academic performance report in previous year
        For Non-MOE FAS Applicants

      • Copy of applicant’s student pass
      • Preferably a copy of applicant’s academic performance report in previous year
    • Submit the completed form together with the supporting documents to:
    • For further enquiries about the programme, contact:
  • Our Success Story: Harraffah Roslan, 19

    Participant of AMP’s Youth Enrichment Programme (2010 & 2011);
    Volunteer of AMP’s Youth Enrichment Programme (2012 – present)

    Harraffah Roslan recalled the time when she was persuaded by one of her friends to attend AMP’s Youth Enrichment Programme (YEP) while they were in Secondary 3. At the time, they were struggling with their term papers particularly in Mathematics. Since attending the academic and personal development sessions under the programme, Harraffah has developed both her social and communication skills. She even managed to improve her grades from C5 to A2 for both the Additional and Elementary Mathematics subjects and went on to pursue her studies at Temasek Polytechnic.

    Harraffah enjoyed participating in the camps under YEP the most as she had the opportunity to make many new friends and learn to deal with the different personalities of youths from various educational institutions. During one of the camps she attended in June 2013, she was encouraged to take on a leadership role in rallying all the camp participants to join a flash mob dance segment. This experience had allowed her to find the courage to take control of unfamiliar situations and enabled her to better express herself in front of a crowd.

    Harraffah continues to volunteer as a facilitator for various camps and activities under YEP. She is a part of the recently-initiated YEP’s Volunteer Club, which aims to give opportunities to the more senior youths to develop their planning skills through organising various events for the youths at AMP’s youth hub in Jurong Point. The latest event she organised with the Club members was the Youth Hub’s Hari Raya Gathering in August this year.

    Not one who likes being idle, Harraffah enjoys busying herself with soccer, her co-curricular activity at poly, and her part-time job as a lifeguard. She plans to continue her studies at a university and pursue a career in the IT sector as a web designer.