Mr Phiroze Abdul Rahman is a Materials Manager at II-VI Singapore Pte Ltd, an SQA Star Award American company that manufactures optical components for several laser and photonics applications. His job entails coordinating with all regional material managers and headquarters personnel to monitor demand signals, buffer strategies and distribution processes to efficiently control inventory stocking levels for raw materials and consumables. He is responsible for establishing an effective infrastructure, along with implementing the required processes and policies necessary to supply materials and inventory needs to operations with minimal lead time and in a cost effective manner. He develops procurement strategies to maintain on-time product and service deliveries to support changing business activity, including working to identify opportunities to continuously improve the supply base and cost for supplies and raw materials. Subsequently, he manages new product introduction and material flow within the network by collaboration with the headquarters personnel and suppliers from the US, Europe, China and Singapore. He coordinates inventory demand and collaborates with Order Management within the network to support customer service levels. He is a Craftsman in Precision Optics and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in International Supply Chain Management) from Curtin University Institute of Technology.

Community Involvement

  • Director, AMP (2004 – 2008; 2011 – present)
    • Chairman, Human Resource Committee, AMP (2006 – 2008)
  • Director, MERCU Learning Point (2015 – present)
  • Co-Head, MEX Panel, AMP Convention 2012 (2009 – 2012)
    • Member, Convention Steering Committee, AMP Convention 2012 (2009 – 2012)