• The AMPx offers intellectual capacity development of professionals and community leaders through governance and leadership training, networking sessions among professionals in service for the community, platforms for exchange of ideas, views, insights and experiences among professionals and community leaders, as well as inputs for policy makers.

    Through the AMPx platform led by the Community Engagement unit of AMP, AMP aims to serve the community’s interest by creating an ecosystem of learning and sharing of best practices. AMPx was launched on 1 January 2018. In its pilot year, AMP has focused on four key areas – idea generation, networking, incubation of community start-ups and training. Its long-term plan is to create a community of professionals invested in uplifting the community and one another

    Among the initiatives under AMPx are the Learning Circles and Kopi With sessions.

  • The Kopi With is a series of fireside chats and exclusive networking sessions with industry leaders and domain experts from the Malay/Muslim community.

    The series is designed to be small, cozy sessions where participants can benefit from direct contact with the speaker.

  • The Learning Circles is a range of workshops dedicated to providing professionals with new skills or to deepen their current skills.

    The workshops provide the ideal platform for sharing of ideas and opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.