Since its inception, the Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA) has developed a range of programmes in research and established several platforms for the meeting of minds. RIMA currently conducts research in a number of key areas, which includes economics, education, religion, family, social integration, leadership and civil society. With time, RIMA expects to expand the scope of its research activities beyond local issues and looks forward to collaborating with partners in the regional and larger international community.

RIMA has contributed to scholarly discourses on numerous issues relevant to the community. Conferences and seminars are organised to add vibrancy to these discourses and to create awareness of these issues. Roundtable and focus group discussions involving key stakeholders are also organised to foster greater understanding of issues and to keep abreast of emerging trends. Additionally, RIMA produces publications and contributes articles in both print and online media regularly.

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