• In 2013, AMP launched the Common Space, which provides a shared community-driven workspace for start-ups and small businesses. Powered by Young AMP, the Common Space is fully equipped with amenities like WiFi, mini pantry, seminar and conference rooms.

    The training and conference rooms are also utilised by other organisations and the public for various events, seminars and workshops. It also offers flexible membership plans for the use of its space, either on a daily or monthly basis.

    Common Space is located at:

    Guthrie Building
    150 Changi Road, #04-07
    Singapore 419973

    Visit our website now!

    For any enquiries, call 6517 4098 (Ameerah).

  • The Common Space provides start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with affordable work spaces to grow and expand their businesses.

    • Submit your write up or business proposal to common.space.amp@gmail.com
    • Applicant will be invited to sign up as a Young AMP / AMP member and to choose the intended membership plans
    • Applicant will make deposit or payment to Young AMP prior to complete the process prior to utilising the workspace
    • For further enquiries about Common Space, contact Mr Ahmad at 6517 4970.