• The Debt Advisory Centre (DAC), which was launched in 2013, is a one-stop centre that assists individuals facing debt problems through a three-pronged approach: advice, educate and research. It provides a roadmap for debtors to have a clearer picture of the options that are available to them.

    In addition, DAC clients attend support group sessions where they share their experiences and gain emotional support from others facing the same problem. They also attend financial literacy workshops to prevent them from creating new debts while they work to resolve their current debt issues.

    The DAC also acts as a platform to collect data for research on the extent of the debt problem within the Malay/Muslim community.


    The Debt Advisory Centre is also partially funded by the Community Leaders Forum under Yayasan MENDAKI.

  • The Debt Advisory Centre (DAC) is open to individuals from all races and religious affiliations, who are facing debt problems.

    • One-to-one consultation (open to public)
    • Support group sessions (for registered clients only)
    • Seminar & workshops (for registered clients only)
  • The DAC also plays an active role in imparting financial literacy and other personal development skills to clients and members of the public through financial literacy talks and workshops with youths, young adults, as well as those from less privileged households.

    The DAC equips the adults with personal and technical competencies, instrumental to their personal development and in enhancing their capabilities both at home and at the workplace.