MERCU Learning Point is a private education centre owned by AMP that offers a comprehensive range of programmes and services for children aged 2 months to 12 years. Its network comprises a kindergarten care centre, four school-based student care centres, and one enrichment wing.

MERCU’s Whee!Canopus facilitates the development of Primary 1 to 6 students through an array of values-based programmes that incorporates the school’s values.

Since 2 January 2019, MERCU began its Kindergarten Care (KCare) at Northoaks Primary School and Huamin Primary School, offering K1 and K2 children a safe and conducive environment to play, explore and discover.

MERCU prides in establishing a collaborative environment with parents and schools as important catalysts in the children’s development. With the tagline Starting Young, Aiming High, programmes are robustly designed to maximise the children’s capabilities and propel them to greater heights.

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