• AMP partners the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) as a lead agency for the NEU PC Plus Programme, which aims to enable students from low-income families who are studying in national schools to have equal access to infocomm with a PC and broadband at a subsidised rate.

    The programme offers the following assistance schemes:

    • PC-Bundle Scheme provides a two-tier subsidy to own a new PC with free software and a 3-year broadband subscription.
    • iNSPIRE Fund offers extra financial assistance to applicants who are unable to co-pay for the computer applied under the PC-Bundle Scheme. Successful applicants will render between 3 and 12 hours of community service, depending on the type of computer model, to receive a fully-paid desktop or laptop.

    Price Plan for Subsidised Desktop & Laptop Model

    Type of PC Supplier PC Model Payable Amount by Applicant S($)
    Tier 1 Tier 2
    Entry Level Desktop Pluto DEPL 255.73 512.53
    Mid-Range Laptop Acer LMAC 399.11 665.54
    Mid-Range Laptop Pluto LMPL 265.36 531.79
    High Performance Laptop Acer LHAC 436.56 807.85
    High Performance Laptop Pluto LHPL 371.29 742.58


    • Tier 1 refers to students with PCI of $600 and below or MOEFAS recipients
    • Tier 2 refers to students with PCI of more than $600
  • The PC-Bundle Scheme is open to students who meet the following criteria:

    • Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
    • Gross monthly household income ≤ $3,000 or monthly per capita income (PCI) ≤ $800 or $875 if one household member is disabled
    • Full-time student in any Government or Government-aided school and higher institutions or MOE-registered Special Education school
    • Not a NEU PC Plus beneficiary within the last three (3) years
    • Each eligible household can only apply for one (1) computer regardless of the total number of school-going children and/or household members who have permanent disability

    The iNSPIRE Fund is open to students who meet the following criteria:

    • Must be a successful applicant of NEU PC Plus Programme
    • Must be a full-time student aged 25 and below
    • Gross monthly household income ≤ $2,300 or monthly per capita income (PCI) ≤ $600
  • For MOE FAS Applicants

      • Page 2 of applicant’s MOE FAS application form
      • Copy of parents’ NRICs for broadband application

    For Non-MOE FAS Applicants

      • Copy of applicant’s student pass / matriculation card
      • Copy of birth certificates / NRICs of applicant and all household members
      • Copy of the latest Income Tax Assessment or payslip or employment letter or CPF contribution history of all working adults (including self-employed) in the household
      • Copy of the latest CPF contribution history of all non-working adults in the household
      • Copy of the last 3 months’ payslip or CPF contribution history of working adults who do not have fixed monthly salary


    • Submit the completed form together with the supporting documents to:
      • AMP @ Pasir Ris, 1 Pasir Ris Drive 4, #05-11, Singapore 519457, or
      • General office of the applicant’s school
    • For further enquiries about the programme, contact Ms Noraqilah at 6416 1425 or email noraqilah@amp.org.sg