AMP acts as the custodian of the Singapore Muslim Education Fund (SMEF), which was established by a group of activists in 2013 to address the under-representation of Malay/Muslims in the Law and Medicine fields.

The Fund aims to provide financial assistance for students pursuing law and medicine degree studies overseas through through the SMEF-Professor Ahmad Ibrahim and SMEF Medicine Scholarships respectively. It also aims to create awareness of the importance of pursuing these degree programmes to uplift the community by providing education advisory and coaching to the students and their parents on various university options available.

At the same time, SMEF also recognises the efforts of students who may struggle financially and face multiple challenges in their lives yet rise above the adversities to pursue an education or those who show outstanding leadership qualities in a uniformed group CCA through the SMEF-Lieutenant Adnan Award.

The SMEF-Rufaydah Nursing Award launched in 2020, recognises the importance of nurses on the front lines of care especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This award will be awarded to full-time diploma nursing students at local polytechnics who are passionate in their field, and portray academic excellence, strong leadership qualities and deep interest to serve the community.

Each successful applicant will receive $5,000 (for SMEF Medicine Scholarship), $3,000 (for SMEF-Professor Ahmad Ibrahim Scholarship) and $700 (for SMEF-Lieutenant Adnan Award or SMEF-Rufaydah Nursing Award).


The Fund is open to all students who are Malay/Muslim Singapore citizens, and who meet the following criteria:

For SMEF-Rufaydah Nursing Award

  • Must be studying nursing full-time and are in their second or third year of studies at local polytechnics
  • Passionate in their field, and portray academic excellence, strong leadership qualities and deep interest to serve the community

*Applicants from low-income families will be given priority

For SMEF Medicine Scholarship and SMEF-Professor Ahmad Ibrahim Scholarship

  • Must be studying Medicine or Law at overseas universities recognised by the Singapore Medical Council or Ministry of Law / Law Council respectively

For SMEF-Lieutenant Adnan Award

  • Must already be enrolled and is a full-time student at any of the five local polytechnics, LASALLE College of the Arts or Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
  • Have braved the odds and adversities in life to do well in his or her studies OR have shown outstanding leadership qualities in uniformed group CCA whilst in secondary school

*Applicants from low-income families will be given priority

  • Application for the SMEF Scholarship 2021 is now closed.
  • Documents needed (those that apply):
    1. Copy of applicant’s NRIC
    2. Copy of applicant’s official letter of acceptance/enrolment into the course of study from the University OR copy of applicant’s student pass / matriculation card
    3. Copy of applicant’s relevant academic and CCA records
    4. Other documents supporting the details declared in application

SMEF plans to build itself as an iconic fund in the community by raising $25,000 each year in its effort of building the community to greater heights.

If you would like to contribute towards the Fund, you can make a cheque payable to ‘AMP’ and write ‘SMEF’ on the back. Kindly address the cheque to:

Singapore Muslim Education Fund Committee
c/o AMP Singapore
1 Pasir Ris Drive 4
#05-11 Singapore 519457

You may also make an online donation via the AMP Donate portal.