• The Temporary Assistance Package (TAP) 2.0 is aimed at assisting the families of workers who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through either a reduction or complete loss of income. The family-oriented TAP 2.0 is aimed at offering these families temporary support for a period of one year until their household financial situation stabilises.

    TAP 2.0 will also support workers in their skills upgrading and re-skilling efforts, provide opportunities for alternative means of supplementary income and at the same time, ensure that their children’s education is not affected by the family’s loss of wages. TAP 2.0 leverages on existing programmes and schemes offered by AMP, and other national and social support agencies.

    TAP 2.0 is a temporary measure to support families during this period of economic uncertainty. Should there be those who require assistance beyond the one-year period, arrangements will be made to refer them to a relevant social service agency or to enrol them into AMP’s Adopt a Family & Youth Scheme (AFYS), depending on the families’ needs.

    TAP was first introduced in March 2009 to support retrenched workers and their families who were affected by the economic crisis then.


  • Families who wish to enroll under TAP 2.0 must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Suffered loss of household income as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak
    • Have school-going children
    • Have the potential to increase household income within one year
    • Monthly household income < $3,000 or per capita income < $650
  • All families under TAP 2.0 will be case managed for a maximum period of one year. Depending on the needs of the clients and their families, they will be provided with the following range of services:

    Financial Assistance and Management

    • One-off partial payment of arrears – utilities, town council, flat rental
    • Development of installment plans
    • Financial management

    Economic Empowerment

    • Skills upgrading courses to increase employability
    • Skills training to set up a micro business as an alternative source of income

     Socio-Educational Development

    • Tuition classes and basic educational enrichment
    • Madrasah education on a part-time basis
    • Parental education and family life skills workshops
    • Ready for School Fund
      • AMP Education Bursary
      • EZ-link reimbursement
      • Payment of unsupported school essentials and related expenses
      • Payment of childcare and pre-school fees


    • Counselling
    • Referral to other agencies
    • Ad-hoc assistance


  • Families who wish to apply for TAP 2.0: