• The Youth Enrichment Programme (YEP) is a mentoring programme specifically designed for upper primary and secondary school students to enrich their development through a positive and holistic approach.

    The programme also incorporates the Youth-in-Action (YIA) Plus Programme, an enrichment programme commissioned by the Community Leaders’ Forum (CLF).

    Students in the programme are tutored in English and Mathematics, and participate in enrichment activities aimed at their overall personal and character development.

    The programme hopes to prevent youths with high-level needs from leaving school prematurely and encourage them to widen their horizons.

    The YEP also consists of two components:

    • The Sports Intrinsic Programme, which engages youths in sports activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle, whilst including personal development skills such as teamwork, motivation and conflict management.
    • The After School Engagement, which engages youths in wholesome activities such as homework, board and computer games, as well as light sports after school to prevent them from getting involved in negative activities outside school.

    Interested individuals who are keen to volunteer as a Mentor in this programme can register here.


    The Youth Enrichment Programme is also partially funded by the Community Leaders Forum under Yayasan MENDAKI.

  • The Youth Enrichment Programme is open to youths, who meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Aged between 11 and 17
    • At least 70% school attendance
    • Studying in Normal Academic or Normal Technical streams
    • Preferably those from less privileged households
    • Download the application form here.
    • Documents needed (those that apply):
      For MOE FAS Applicants

      • Page 2 of applicant’s MOE FAS application form
      • Preferably a copy of applicant’s academic performance report in previous year

      For Non-MOE FAS Applicants

      • Copy of applicant’s student pass
      • Preferably a copy of applicant’s academic performance report in previous year
  • Siti Hajar Othman

    Participant of AMP’s Youth Enrichment Programme 2010 to 2011
    Volunteer with AMP’s Youth Enrichment Programme 2012 to present

    Following the demise of her father in April 2010 nearing her mid-year examinations, Siti Hajar Othman, who was then 15 years old, realised her academic performance was declining significantly. During a counselling session in school, she was referred to AMP’s Youth Enrichment Programme (YEP), where she received academic coaching and attended various personal development activities.

    Growing up with a strict upbringing, Hajar seldom had the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Through the programme, she was inspired by the mentors and youth officers who often motivated her and tried their best to assist her. Through participating in various overseas youth development camps under YEP, she also met other youths from different schools and backgrounds, and realised that there were others who had been through bigger ordeals than her. The programme had left such a positive impact on her that she returned to the programme as a volunteer after graduating from secondary school, and still serves as a volunteer facilitator for the yearly camp.

    Hajar has also benefited from AMP Youth Hub’s collaboration with Assyakirin Mosque, which provided weekly life skills sharing sessions for the regular youth hubbers. Through these sessions, Hajar received religious coaching and even went on to become an active youth volunteer with the mosque to contribute to the wider Muslim community.

    After completing her ‘N’ levels in 2011, Hajar went on to pursue her NITEC in Visual Communication and started working full-time as a retail administrator after graduating from the course. Now, Hajar is planning to sit for her private ‘O’ levels so that she can fulfil her aspiration of securing a diploma in business.