• In 2011, AMP launched its first youth hub located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre, which was driven by the increasing demand for youth services in the western part of Singapore.

    The youth hub provides an alternative space for youths to drop by and spend their time in a structured manner as a way to prevent them from engaging in wayward activities.

    It offers a wide range of services focused on the academic and personal development of the youths such as enrichment programmes, motivational workshops and youth counselling services.


    Facilities available at AMP @ Jurong Point

    • Individual counselling room
    • Family counselling room
    • Classroom
    • Multi-purpose room
    • Multimedia entertainment system
    • Electronic and board games
    • Foosball table
    • Internet kiosk
  • The youth hub welcomes all youths aged between 10 and 20 to participate in the activities at the centre or to utilise the facilities there for revision work or studying.

    Member of the public can also drop by the hub to enquire more about the programmes and services provided by AMP.

  • For further enquiries about the youth hub, contact: