RFS Telepoll Campaign 2019
AMP is running a telepoll campaign in aid of students from less privileged families under RFS.

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1900 112 4005 for $50 donation

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Zakat on Wealth
AMP has been entrusted to receive Zakat on Wealth through our Social Services Division.

Make your Zakat on Wealth contribution with AMP.

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Success Story
Ms Noorazlin Azman, 35
Graduate of the AMP Micro Business Programme 2015

After leaving her job to care for her one-year-old son, Ms Noorazlin decided to use her experience in F&B to build her home-based business. She had to learn every aspect of her food business on her own including cooking, packaging and marketing. Through the AMP Micro Business Programme, she expanded her business and grew her revenue more than twofold.

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A dynamic Muslim community
A model organisation in community leadership
To be a thought leader, problem solver and mobiliser for the advancement of the community


We are committed to serve the community with passion. We take pride in our role in society.


We place community interest before self and maintain high moral values and discipline.


We aim for excellence in our work and add value to what we do.


We champion creativity and dare to explore new ideas to overcome challenges.


We work as a team, believe in shared responsibility and value partnerships with others.


Pasir Ris, Singapore
Work hard, celebrate harder. 🎉
Our annual AMP Group Hari Raya celebrations was a royal success!

Dr Badrun Nafis Saion, our Chairman was also in attendance.

The event fostered camaraderie and joy among all staff present. Great effort by the organising committee this year! [Peep at pic no. 5]

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Most of us find it difficult to catch our breath and smell the roses while living in this breakneck pace of life in Singapore. We have deadlines and targets to meet, or errands to run, sometimes at the expense of our well-being.
In our usual true fashion, we look for quick cures and easy solutions just so we can get all the important work done. Is this lifestyle sustainable?

Do health supplements really help? Comment below. 💊

Read all about it on www.karyawan.sg today!
Bulan Ramadan telah berlalu
Kini Syawal menjelma tiba
Kami di AMP mendendangkan lagu
Semoga Aidilfitri tambah ceria

Selamat Hari Raya! 🎉
Dari kami di AMP.

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Lagu: Selamat Berhari Raya
Nyanyian: Rahimah Rahim
There has been a concern about a "fundamental transformation" taking place within Muslim communities all over the world.

This shift is most apparent among the Muslim middle-class and can be observed in their clothing, language and practices.

For eg., the increase in donning of thobes (jubas or abayas), the preference of saying Eid Mubarak instead of Selamat Hari Raya, etc.

What is the difference between Arabisation and exclusivism?

How can Muslims be empowered by their faith and avoid extremism? 💬

Read all about it on www.karyawan.sg! #KaryawanSG
Bulan Ramadan telah berlalu
Kini Syawal menjelma tiba
Kami di AMP mendendangkan lagu
Semoga Aidilfitri tambah ceria

Selamat Hari Raya! 🎉
Dari kami di AMP.

Lagu: Selamat Berhari Raya
Nyanyian: Rahimah Rahim
Despite the absence of a father figure, Danish did well in his PSLE and O level exams 📚. His mother suffered from depression after the demise of her strongest support system since her divorce, his late grandmother, in 2015. Regardless of her condition, she remains strong for her children.

Earlier this year, Danish was talent-spotted by the National Sepak Takraw Federation coach to be a part of the national team. Danish hopes to set an example for his sister and prove to his peers that one can excel in both education and sports with his diploma certification.

Tune in to Mediacorp Ria 89.7FM FM at 5pm-6pm TODAY to listen to Danish's interview with DJ KC.

Help students such as Danish create a brighter future for themselves by donating:
- 1900 112 4001 ($10)
- 1900 112 4005 ($50)

Your support means the world to them.
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When his parents divorced in 2010, Zulhilmi found himself taking over the father figure role to his three younger sisters.
He would take on part-time jobs and even went door-to-door selling handmade items.

With your contribution, students like Zulhilmi can focus more on schooling and less on fulfilling adult responsibilities.

Call now. You can make a difference.
1900 112 4001 ($10 donation)
1900 112 4005 ($50 donation)

Tune in to Mediacorp Ria 89.7FM at 10pm-11pm tonight to listen to Zulhilmi’s interview with DJ Fiza O!


Thank you for supporting our Ramadan Special initiatives in aid of our beneficiaries!

We will be taking a short break this Hari Raya. Our offices in Pasir Ris, Jurong Point and Wisma Geylang Serai will be closed from 5 – 6 June 2019. We will be back on Friday 7 June 2019.

Those who wish to make your donations or contributions can still visit our Pasir Ris and Wisma Geylang Serai offices before 1pm tomorrow.


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